Stefano Gagliardi | Tenor

Stefano Gagliardi is an italian-born tenor who graduated from Rome’s Santa Cecilia Music Conservatory. At a very young age Stefano was Luciano Pavarotti’s last pupil, and later took up a successful career. His warm, vibrant and passionate voice attracts and delights audiences of all ages. At the age of 15 Maestro Luciano Pavarotti, just before his premature death, selected him as a student in his school (together with 8 other pupils from all over the world). Stefano then continued studying at the Conservatory, refining his natural vocal qualities. This natural gift made him start very soon to sing and perform (he made his first appearance at 7 as a shepherd boy in La Tosca), immediately combining the study of singing as a professional to participation in various competitions and international shows.
He is a lyrical tenor, able to follow without any difficulty various kinds of musical paths: from bel canto to melodrama, from baroque to pop, from sacred music to music of Naples, constantly experimenting new timbre solutions that reveal a mature and unique personality on the international scene.
Stefano Gagliardi is a genuine expression of the so-called “serious” Italian music: his interpretation is captivating and points directly to the heart, whether it is a piece of opera improvised or a pop-song of our days.

Not only a singer, Stefano is also an actor: he interpreted Beniamino Gigli, the protagonist of the recent movie “Un uomo e una voce, a Beniamino Gigli”(A man and a voice, to Beniamino Gigli) by Giuseppe Conti. He there sings arias of the great and unforgettable tenor from the Marches, and interprets with intense and passionate participation the youthful years of Beniamino Gigli.

During the years he participated in numerous competitions and collected several prestigious international awards. He lives in Rome and plays concerts with shows and recitals. He performed in Chicago, Beijing, Bastia, Dublin, Belfast, Paris, Madrid, Toledo, Santander, Italy’s Expo Pavilion in Milan, at the Royal Academia de España in Rome, and in various Italian cities.